Services & Affiliations


Architectural Services offered include:

  1. Project Programming, Scheduling, and Client Education

  2. Architectural Design from schematic planning though completion.

  3. Special Project requirements, including adaptive reuse, historic preservation, and mixed occupancy use.

  4. Evaluation of Alternatives, including energy conscious design, sustainable (green) solution evaluations, green certification options, and life-cycle cost analysis.

  5. Production of Construction Documents including Budget/Pre-planning Documents, Design-Build Documents, Bid Packages, Permit Documents, As-Built Drawings, Phased Construction Plans, and Materials and Performance Specifications.

  6. Construction Administrative Services and Support including Oversight of Bidding process, Evaluation of Bid Proposals, Agreement Negotiation, and Contract Administration during construction. Also, services extended to Integrated Design-Build projects and Partnered Planning.

Planning Services offered include:

  1. Needs Assessment and Feasibility Studies

  2. Accessibility Studies

  3. Community Growth Analysis and Community Planning

  4. Infrastructure Evaluation and Planning

  5. Planning/Zoning Ordinance Development and Revision

  6. Development Potential Analysis and Evaluation of Alternative Sites or Concepts

  7. Land/Estate Planning

  8. New Town, Mixed-Use, and Conservation Subdivision Planning

  9. Funding Procurement (Grants, Bond Issues, SPLOST, Matching Funds, etc.)

  10. Intergovernmental Agreement Negotiation and Implementation

  11. Environmental Responsibility Planning


Georgia Registered Architect

Member of American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Director of Northeast Georgia Section of AIA